Charity Minicons

We are very happy to announce that as part of our Community day, we are also running 2 hour mini-cons in order to raise money for local charity Copers. For a very small fee of £21.83, you can be part of a small 2 hour workshop of your choice during Saturday 10th September.

For more information and registration, please click on either of the following mini-cons:


Execution Plans Workshop – by Grant Fritchey (MVP/ Author)
Bring your laptop or tablet. Part one of this special two-hour workshop is intended to take the time to work through execution plans together. We’ll start off with the basics and the low hanging fruit, but using your own execution plans as well as samples provided, you’ll learn how to read execution plans through this hands-on lab. Come prepared to work and bring your worst or most painful execution plans.

This workshop must be pre-paid via and all proceeds go direct to charity.

Getting Ready for Modern SharePoint Development Workshop by Tobias West
All proceeds will go to charity from this two-hour, hands-on interactive lab which is designed to prepare you for building SharePoint solutions in the modern world. This session is aimed at front-end SharePoint developers with knowledge of JavaScript and after giving you a brief introduction of modern development, you will be taken through a series of mini-labs which introduce you to some important frameworks and concepts such as Node.js, gulp, Office UI Fabric and TypeScript. After this session, you should have a good understanding how to begin your journey into Modern SharePoint development.Attendees will need to register for this session, as numbers are limited. You must have a laptop with internet access and administrative rights, and have installed the prerequisites which will be shared prior to the session – this ensures we can get right to the fun stuff!

This workshop must be pre-paid via and all proceeds go direct to charity.

The mini-cons will be held at the same venue as our community day (on Saturday 10th September) at The Møller Centre and each has very limited numbers of seats available.